Publisher description

“D-reflection v3.0” is a tool to convert MS SQL 2005 database schema to Oracle 9i/10g or/and to convert Oracle 9i/10g database schema to MS SQL 2005. I've called it "D-reflection" because database schema's conversion is similar to reflection. So, if you agree with me you can read it further. The tool has build-in rules to convert data schemas. In case user wants to setup their own conversion rules it can be done in D-reflectionRules.csv file that is placed in the same directory like the executable. To setup conversion rule use the following format: Code: [MSSQL->Oracle/Oracle->MSSQL] # [TableName] # [FieldName] #[OldFormat] # [NewFormat] * For example to convert MyField column of MyTable from MSSQL to Oracle with types from int to INTEGER put the following string into D-reflectionRules.csv file: Code: MSSQL->Oracle # MyTable # MyField # int # INTEGER *

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